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Dealer Services

This is our traditional dealer financing method, providing you with fast access to cash for your loans. We will purchase your Retail Installment Contracts at the time of origination, with a focus on quick and consistent funding. Our approach is to establish long term relationships with our dealers by providing superior customer service. As you build good loan performance history we are able to provide more flexible terms. You get more approvals and sell more cars. If you are looking for a better working relationship with your finance source, contact us to join our dealer network.

E-mail: info@cfsnow.com

Challenge also purchases from any size existing loan portfolio, from a few loans to several hundred loans. Many of our Dealers and Finance Company partners sell out of their portfolios on an ongoing basis, taking advantage of the higher return possible on loans that have a demonstrated pay history. Others use this service to turn their portfolios into cash for special needs. Whatever your reason, Challenge In-House purchasing gives you additional cash flow flexibility.

E-mail: inhouse@cfsnow.com

With Loan Servicing, Challenge takes care of collection headaches, so you can focus on your business. We board, service and collect your contracts. You retain ownership and enjoy the return on your loans, while projecting a professional image to you customers, with full credit reporting, mailed monthly statements and the confidence of knowing you have a professional, experienced collection staff working for you. And should the need arise, contracts under servicing can be sold to Challenge with quick funding in 48 hours or less. It's like turning your portfolio into a line of credit.

E-mail: servicing@cfsnow.com